Mukam Samrathal
Mukam (Samrathal dhora ) Bishnoi Samaj Ka Sabse Big Devsthan Hai Bishnoi is a community (part of Hindu Dharma) founded by Shri Guru Jambheshwar Ji more than 500 years ago in Rajasthan at the time when Hindu Dharma was being harmed by internal bad practices [Andhvishvas, Kuritian] and external invaders. Shri Jambheshwara [Jambhoji] was a great visionary guru who taught the people about true religion, values,art of living, love, peace harmony with environment using simple words and examples. Basis for name Bishnoi is considered as 29 rules which in local Rajasthani literally translates as Bish[vish]+Noi [20+9],Time to time Bishnois have sacrificed their lives to save trees and animals, the biggest incident was when 363 Bishnois sacrificed themselves to save trees. Muktidham Mukam is the most important religious place of the Bishnoi Community Situated 17 KM NE to Nokha [ tehsil of Bikaner district in Rajasthan)] on Sujangarh road. It's old name was Talwa but Shri guru Jambhoji's last rites were performed here so it became the Nirvan sthal or Mukam of Shri Guruji where Shri Guruji resting always. In 11th of Migsar month 1593[Vikram Era], 1536 AD. Shri Guruji's holy body was burried here and a Trishul was found on the time of excavation, placed on top of Mandir. A marbled beautiful temple is built on shri Jambhoji's samadhi sthal which is surrounded by sand dunes and Khejari trees. We can see fearlessly roaming of deer and other wildanimals.